The Art & Science of Composite Dentistry



Morning Segment:

Direct posterior composite restorations are the “bread and butter” of the majority of general dental practices.  The successful placement of these restorations requires an understanding of the materials being utilized, the substrate being bonded to, and a precise clinical protocol.  This program will share with you very specific techniques and guidelines based on the latest research and newest materials and adhesives that will make placing composite restorations more predictable and profitable.  Many of the controversies and confusion surrounding adhesive and composite dentistry will be discussed.


  • Understanding the dynamics of composite polymerization…how do you minimize polymerization shrinkage stress?
  • Understanding different adhesive systems and how to optimize their performance.
  • How to achieve predictable interproximal contacts.
  • Understanding different placement techniques and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • RMGI or flowables…Do you need them as liners or dentin replacement materials? If so, which is better?
  • Bulk Cure”…good or bad?
  • “Sonic” fill systems…What’s the story?
  • Minimizing post-operative sensitivity.
  • Bonding lights…your best friend or your worst enemy?
  • Fast or slow polymerization…does it really matter?
  • MMP inhibition…the next adhesive paradigm?
  • When are you better off with an indirect restoration?



Afternoon Segment:

We are in a time where the demand to look good has never been greater, but the economy has never been poorer. People are still looking for ways to improve their appearance, but now search for cheaper and faster results. This lecture will focus on ways to achieve exceptional esthetic results in dentistry using composite resin. Direct bonding is a very conservative but effective tecdhnique. The appearance of teeth can be changed in numerous ways by closing gaps, repairing chips, covering discolorations, and improving alignment. When done properly, outstanding esthetic results can be achieved, making repaired teeth look as good as porcelain or natural enamel. I will show techniques that can be applied to anyone’s practice, thereby giving all of our patients what they desire…a beautiful smile.


  • Discuss general principles of esthetics
  • Review common errors in achieving excellent esthetics
  • Discuss general principles of color and shade analysis
  • All for one and one for all? Are all “esthetic resins” the same and which one is right for you
  • Show you the simple technique of “3 & Out” to achieve world class esthetic results with composite only
  • Exhibit the power of composite as an adjunct to porcelain. These combination cases will show the incredible effect of resin and ceramics to achieve excellent esthetic results, while using the best bonding materials available today.